Izzy (Isabel) Dobbel is the Political Director at the Chicago Federation of Labor. In this role, she executes the CFL’s political agenda and programming and COPE endorsement process. She also serves as the liaison between political officials and the CFL’s 300 affiliated unions and their 500,000 members. She supports the CFL’s legislative efforts led by Deputy Chief of Staff Andrea Kluger at the city, county, and state.

At the CFL, Izzy led the political program for the 2023 City Municipal cycle where the CFL endorsed 42 pro-labor candidates in the City and many more in the suburbs. She managed the political engagement program with a robust field, phone, and mail plan in 40 wards.  As a coalition, the CFL, with 545 union volunteers, launched 48 canvasses and knocked over 26,000 doors during that election cycle. Nearly 90% of candidates endorsed by the CFL won their races, creating the most pro-labor city hall in history!

Izzy has worked in both government offices and on political campaigns. Izzy has served in Cook County government and as the Chief of Staff for State Senator Mike Simmons. She has won multiple political campaigns in Illinois across levels of government. In 2022, she served as the Women’s Political Director for Governor JB Pritzker’s and Lt. Governor Stratton’s re-election campaign. She has also worked on campaigns for the Illinois State House and Senate, Chicago city council, and Illinois gubernatorial race, and on a national race as the Deputy Operations Director for the 2020 Coordinated Campaign in Michigan. In her free time, she trains for marathons and meets with young people looking to get their foot in the door in politics

She also serves as the Treasurer on the Executive Board for the Young Democrats of America. She was a 2022 Trabajadoras Fellow for the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement. Izzy was born in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. She graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Social Policy and Certificates in Civic Engagement and Leadership.