As the Biden administration ramped up vaccine distribution across the country, Chicago union workers have led the way in getting vaccinated. With the vaccine now accessible to all, it will be even more important to encourage our fellow Chicagoans to get vaccinated, so as the summer continues, we can see more of our workers back on the job.

In April, the CFL was proud to lead the way in vaccinations for union members. In collaboration with the city of Chicago and the State of Illinois, the CFL hosted several mass vaccination clinics across the Chicagoland area that were aimed at union essential workers who live and work in the city of Chicago, Cook County, and the broader Northeast Illinois region. We vaccinated nearly 5,000 union members as part of these efforts, the first in the nation to be run by the labor movement for union members. Yet again, Chicago union members are demonstrating that we are the backbone of the city and the heart of the American Labor movement. 

Union members have sacrificed their lives and livelihoods throughout this pandemic to keep our city, state, and nation moving. Illinois has made great progress in vaccinating its residents ahead of the goals set out by the Biden administration. It is because of the efforts of Chicago’s unions that so many workers are now protected from COVID-19. If we keep this up, we can move past this pandemic once and for all.

However, now is not the time to take our foot off of the gas. This summer will be critical in our city’s vaccination timeline. With all Illinoisans eligible to receive the vaccine and our city and state on to Phase Five reopening, we have to encourage our friends and family to make a plan to get vaccinated if they have not done so already. Labor has shown up from the start, and we will continue to show up and lead the way in our return to normalcy. 

Unions understand the importance of sticking together through to the end of this pandemic, and as one we will lead the way out of this crisis.