Jan. 7, 2021

Contact: Jake Lewis


Chicago Federation of Labor Statement on the Nomination of Marty Walsh as Secretary of Labor

CHICAGO – Chicago Federation of Labor President Bob Reiter released the following statement on the announcement that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been nominated by President-elect Joe Biden to be secretary of Labor:

“The Chicago Federation of Labor welcomes the news that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been chosen to lead the Department of Labor for the incoming Biden Administration. In addition to his experience as a legislator and a mayor, Marty Walsh is a union guy himself, and he knows first-hand what we need to do to support America’s working class. Marty Walsh, the former head of Boston Building and Construction Trades Council, is exactly the kind of pro-worker advocate we need at the Department of Labor after four years of Donald Trump and his corporate lackeys running roughshod over the American worker.

“The Department of Labor must stand on the side of workers, as it was intended to do, and work to strengthen the labor movement. Union members are depending on the incoming Biden Administration to roll back the devastation of the Trump era, and the appointment of Marty Walsh is a significant step toward that goal.”


The Chicago Federation of Labor is the third-largest central labor council of the AFL-CIO representing nearly 300 unions and labor organizations comprised of half a million union members in Chicago and Cook County.